most expensive-designer-dog-clothes

Dog Clothes for the Upper Class

louis-vuitton leadIt is incredible what people will dress their dogs in these days. No class of dog owner is more indulgent than the owners of toy breeds and small dogs.

I have always had sporting dogs and they are lucky to get a bath once a month let alone be adorned with some of these fancy dog clothes. It is amazing to me what is available if you have the cash to spend it on dog clothing.

Let’s start with the basics by talking about dog collars. There are beaded collars starting at the low end of $30 and going to $70. One of the most popular type are rhinestone dog collars. Moving up we have custom leather dog collars in the $100 to $150 range. Next we go to the plain alligator or crocodile collars which are in the $200 to $300 range.

Then there are crystal or pearl dog collars and necklaces that you can buy from between $200 and $350. Let’s not forget snakeskin with diamond jeweled buckle dog collars that will set you back as much as $3000 dollars!

I’ve even seen a one of a kind diamond dog collar with crocodile skin, platinum, white gold and 1657 diamonds for a total diamond weight of 52.2 carat for 3.2 million dollars!

Here’s a short video that shows you this top of the line in luxury dog collars.

Not many people are going to be able to afford these kinds of luxury dog clothes but there are still plenty of cute cloths available that look very stylish. They start out pretty low keyed with tee-shirts, sweatshirts, coats and formal wear for $30 to $100. You can buy dog robes and pajamas for around $75 to $100. Then things start to start to get interesting with designer coats for a little over most expensive-designer-dog-clothes$100 dollars. You can buy dog tuxedos, dog cocktail dresses, and dog bridesmaid dresses for $150 to $250 for those formal affairs. At the top of the list are designer dog coats made from lambskin, fake fur, and Swarovski crystal adornments for $400 to $1100. This kind of dog clothing can be quite posh and REALLY make quite a statement about both you and your dog!

Now as fashionable as your dog is going to be looking in his new, designer dog clothes, you will need to buy a designer dog carrier to carry him around to the finest establishments in town. The designer cloth dog carriers start at around $200. Then, you get into the fancy designer carriers made out of every type of leather or skin you can imagine including lambskin, leather, snake, kangaroo, and chinchilla. You can expect to pay upwards of $1200 for this kind of luxury.

No pampered pooch would be complete without his own custom doggie furniture. You can buy and armoire for all those special dog clothes for as little as $500 to as much as $14,000. A designer dog bed made for your little angel will run you $1700 to $2000 or more. A deluxe indoor bathroom will be set you back another $2600. Finally you’ll want to be stylish when you take your pooch outside for a bathroom break so you’ll need a crystal dog poo bag holder which you can pick up for a mere $200 dollars.

Did you have any idea that there was such an extensive selection of expensive dog clothes and accessories available in the marketplace for you to choose from?

Your dog may not care how much you spent on his dog clothes but you’ll know. One of the funny things about the upper class is that they really don’t care how much they spend on dog clothing. Buying expensive outfits for their pets is nothing to them and it’s almost considered a necessity in the circle of friends that they run in.

If you want your dog to really stand out in a crowd, you’ll want to buy some designer dog clothes for every day of the week. Don’t embarrass your dog by letting him be caught wearing the same outfit twice in one week. Talk about a faux paw!